Construction Software: Innovating for Competitive Edge

by Yannik Wegener | March 11, 2024

The construction industry has changed dramatically in recent years. One of the driving forces behind this transformation is advancing digitalization. In this age of technological innovation, construction software plays a crucial role in optimizing construction projects and increasing efficiency across the industry. From planning and construction management to communication and project management, software solutions are having a significant impact on working practices and competitiveness worldwide. Read our blog post to find out how innovative construction software is revolutionizing traditional construction methods.

PlanRadar facilitates construction site management through a central platform with efficient task management, communication and real-time access to project data. In the area of digital construction management, Planstack introduces a user-friendly platform that focuses on process standardization and provides an individual customer portal. With a focus on model checking and effective collaboration, Solibri relies on a central data platform to identify potential problems at an early stage. Bluebeam Revu offers comprehensive digital plan management, improves efficiency through annotation and highlighting tools and enables location-independent collaboration via the cloud. As a newcomer in the industry, planBIC offers a collaborative software-as-a-service solution that specializes in automated completeness and quality checks of construction project documents.

These software solutions not only facilitate the organization and coordination of construction projects, but also increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve collaboration between all parties involved. With functions such as task management, real-time access, standardization of processes, model checking and digital plan editing, they offer a holistic approach to the challenges of the construction industry. Companies in the construction industry benefit from the transparency, time savings and improved communication processes made possible by the use of software solutions. In the following, we will show you the opportunities offered by digital solutions and the competitive advantage they can give you.


Software solutions for the construction industry: For efficient construction management

Softwarelösungen für die Bauwirtschaft: Für ein effizientes Baumanagement

PlanRadar is an innovative SaaS platform developed specifically for construction site management, task management and communication in construction and real estate projects. The software revolutionizes construction site management by providing a central platform that enables all project participants to easily access and edit shared data.

Task management in PlanRadar is a key feature that enables easy creation, assignment and tracking of tasks. This functionality significantly increases efficiency in the project organization. The integrated communication platform facilitates the exchange of information and collaboration between all project members.

Of particular note is the real-time access to project data, which enables teams to increase quality, reduce costs and get work done at an accelerated pace. This feature not only creates transparency, but also enables rapid response to changes and effective monitoring of construction progress.

PlanRadar’s flexibility is demonstrated by its adaptability to different company sizes and processes, making the software a versatile solution for construction project management. Overall, PlanRadar facilitates the organization, coordination and successful execution of construction projects.

In addition, the software increases efficiency in construction projects and real estate companies by simplifying daily activities and communication processes. The real-time access function leads to significant time savings, while the improved communication and collaboration contributes to significant cost savings. The platform provides added value to everyone involved in the project lifecycle, helping to optimize workflows, save time and costs, and improve communication and collaboration on construction sites and in real estate companies.

PlanRadar: More efficiency in construction site management through digital task management, communication & reporting

Mehr Effizienz im Baustellenmanagement durch digitale Aufgabenverwaltung, Kommunikation & Berichterstellung​

Planstack is a web application that specializes in digital construction management. The software provides a central data platform for all project participants, enabling efficient collaboration.

The aim of Planstack is to make construction projects error-free, organized and more productive by intelligently linking people and data. The construction software offers comprehensive support across all project phases and includes functions such as task boards, plan server & data room, warranty & defect management, digital sampling, special request management, electrical planning and real-time chat.

Planstack’s user interface is user-friendly and does not require lengthy training. The standardization of processes enables fast and efficient handling of construction processes, resulting in considerable time savings. The construction software ensures a comprehensive overview of all tasks in the construction project and promotes efficient collaboration and communication. An individual customer portal offers transparency throughout the entire process and improves communication, coordination and documentation relating to the construction project.

Planstack is particularly suitable for developers, investors and public clients who are looking for efficient and transparent collaboration in the construction project.

Planstack: Efficient collaboration between all parties involved in a construction project

Zusammenarbeit aller Bauprojektbeteiligten effizient gestalten

The Solibri construction software from Nemetschek specializes in model checking and collaboration in the construction industry. The application offers a central data platform for all project participants, thereby promoting efficient collaboration. Based on the OPEN BIM concept, Solibri is able to import building and specialist models from various BIM software products. The software identifies potential problems at an early stage and helps to resolve them in order to prevent complications later on.

Solibri offers a wide range of functions, including quantity takeoff, version comparison, calculation, communication, code checking, clash detection and quality control. The construction software checks not only quantitative but also qualitative aspects of building models, including details such as accessibility and optimally dimensioned parking spaces.

The application is aimed at architects, civil engineers, planners, construction companies, authorities and agencies looking for efficient and transparent collaboration in construction projects. The advantages of Solibri are cost reduction, time savings, sustainability, minimization of control risks and interoperability with various software products. Solibri therefore not only helps to make construction projects more efficient, but also to implement them in a higher-quality and more sustainable manner.

Solibri: Precise IFC model checks for optimized construction quality

Präzise IFC-Modellprüfungen für optimierte Bauqualität

Bluebeam Revu is a comprehensive software solution, which is also a product from Nemetschek’s product portfolio that specializes in digital plan management and collaboration in the construction industry. The application makes it easy to create, edit, mark up and share PDF documents, especially construction plans and technical drawings.

Bluebeam Revu’s key features include tools for annotating documents, highlighting details, taking measurements and tracking changes. The seamless integration of markup changes into the planning process significantly improves the efficiency and accuracy of construction projects.

Another advantage of the construction software is the automated creation of reports and compilations from various documents, which facilitates the documentation, review and archiving of project data. The software also supports location-independent collaboration through the use of the cloud, which simplifies access to up-to-date project information for teams.

By using Bluebeam Revu, construction projects can make the transition from a paper-based environment to a digital way of working. This is not only to reduce environmental impact, but also to increase efficiency and collaboration. The construction software helps to make the entire construction process more transparent, efficient and cost-effective, making it a valuable solution for companies in the construction industry.

Bluebeam Revu: Digital plan management for the construction industry

Digitales Planmanagement für die Baubranche

Another software that takes a completely different approach is planBIC from thinkBIC. Our software-as-a-service solution, which deals with the automated completeness and quality check of construction project documents, focuses on the aspect of collaborative working methods in the cloud. The idea behind the planning software is an all-encompassing platform in which every project stakeholder has access to all relevant project data at all times. All documents can be uploaded quickly and easily to make them accessible to others. This creates a standardized data situation for all participants. 

Various checks can be carried out on this database of construction project documents. Within the completeness check, the content of the uploaded documents is checked in line with the HOAI service phases. This allows a statement to be made as to whether the selected services of the respective service phase have been provided in full.  

During the quality inspection by planBIC, DIN standards such as building material classes, fire walls or concrete properties as well as guidelines such as ASR specifications can be checked. Checks that are specifically geared towards BIM are also supported. The IFC files of the project are used here. These can be checked for validity as well as for the completeness of the files. It is possible to use ready-made rule sets according to standards such as LOI, as well as user-defined checks, which can be configured according to the user’s requirements.

All checks result in a report that provides information on the result of the respective check. There is also a high-performance IFC viewer, which can display the uploaded models directly and makes downloading and local opening of the file obsolete, or the building application tool, which is a completion aid for the various building applications of the respective federal states.

All of this is covered by the collaborative working features. Errors or other open tasks can be addressed to the responsible persons using the task tool. The current status of all project tasks is clearly displayed on the task board so that everyone involved in the project is kept up to date.

planBIC: Automated completeness and quality check

Automatisierte Vollständigkeits- und Qualitätsprüfung

The software solutions presented represent digital innovation in the construction industry and offer comprehensive solutions to the challenges faced by construction companies and real estate developers. By relying on cutting-edge technology, they revolutionize the way construction projects are planned, coordinated and executed. From improving project organization to increasing efficiency and fostering collaboration, these software solutions offer a holistic approach to the demanding requirements of the construction industry.

In summary, these software solutions are helping to transform the construction industry by optimizing processes, reducing costs and improving collaboration. By using the latest technology, companies will be able to manage their projects more efficiently and successfully, ultimately contributing to the sustainable development of the construction industry.

Discover planBIC, a pioneering software-as-a-service solution that enables automated completeness and quality checks of construction project documents as well as collaborative working in the cloud. Revolutionize your construction projects with efficient checks.