chatBIC - everything at a glance, anytime & anywhere

Chat directly with your project data – our AI enables you to query all project documents and evaluates the results of planBIC in the context of your data. The seamless integration of all information into a chat system based on Microsoft Azure OpenAI is available to you hosted in Germany.

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why chatBIC?

Discover a new way of interacting with project data using chatBIC. Efficiently integrated & AI-supported, the intelligent chat bot offers you a full overview of your documents for optimised construction project management.

  • Efficient communication

    By integrating all project data into a chat system, team members can communicate with each other more efficiently. Information is easily accessible and can be exchanged in real time.

  • Central source of information

    The chat system serves as a central point of contact for all relevant documents and data. Team members no longer have to search through different platforms to find the information they need.

  • AI-supported queries

    Using AI to search documents enables fast and accurate queries, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

  • Link with check results

    The evaluation of the planBIC check results in the context of the documents provides a comprehensive view of the project status. Problems can be recognised and rectified at an early stage.

  • Data protection and security

    The GDPR-compliant hosting solution guarantees data protection and security in accordance with European standards. Sensitive project data is protected.

chatBIC enables the integration of project data into a chat system, seamless collaboration, improved efficiency and better decision-making in project management.