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Overview of projects

Check, secure, save: Design construction projects efficiently & economically. Minimize risk and save time with the digital documents check

Your project, your rules

Configurable interface, intuitive applications, easy installation – the construction documents check offers flexible pricing models to fit your specific needs

Trusted Digital Construction

Maximum data security, GDPR compliance and AI-supported technologies with regular updates on German servers – for the reliability of your construction project

Ensure transparency and reliability for your construction project

Create transparency and a reliable basis for the successful progress of building projects by automating the checking of construction planning documents and construction documents, minimizing risks and increasing the level of trust of all parties involved in the construction process.

By implementing automated checking processes, construction projects benefit significantly when it comes to transparency and planning reliability. These processes provide a strict compliance with standards and requirements, which not only increases the quality of the construction project, but also improves customer confidence. The automated and digital review of project documents by the Building Information Cloud enables early detection of planning errors, allowing potential risk factors to be identified at an early stage so that appropriate countermeasures will be implemented. This not only avoids unforeseen complications during the construction phase, but also effectively prevents them in order to reduce costs and avoid delays.

Structured checking processes create a clear overview of all necessary construction documents and construction-related information. This not only facilitates communication and collaboration with all project participants such as clients, architects, planning offices or construction companies, but also makes it possible for everyone involved in the construction project to track the progress of the project in real time. The early identification of discrepancies or planning errors using the Building Information Cloud enables planning to be corrected in advance, resulting in increased planning reliability.

Benefit from time savings and cost security

Optimize your construction processes with the Building Information Cloud and benefit by identifying planning errors at an early stage to ensure a cost-effective execution of your projects.

You can revolutionize your construction processes using the Building Information Cloud’s automated document check. By using a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, you not only gain a high degree of flexibility, you also eliminate the time-consuming installation process. The customizable interface and intuitive application of the Building Information Cloud ensure user-friendly working. Extensive training on a new software application is not necessary. Your construction project documents pass through the digital checking process in a short time. This means you receive your evaluation quickly and clearly presented in a dashboard.

The rapid identification of planning errors not only helps to prevent unforeseen complications, it also optimizes work processes enormously. Efficient and time-saving planning processes are a key factor for keeping on schedule, which is essential in the construction industry. Thanks to the Building Information Cloud’s digital construction planning document check, you save time when realizing your construction project.

The flexible pricing models allow all parties involved in construction to adapt the solution to their individual requirements and company standards, boosting the profitability of the project. The individual product range ensures tailor-made adaptation to the circumstances of your construction project.

Reach maximum quality control by checking your construction project documents

Automated checks of construction project documents with the Building Information Cloud as a digital software solution in the form of a state-of-the-art SaaS. In this way, we offer you an efficient and reliable basis for the successful realization of your plans. As a result, risks are minimized during the planning phase of your building project and quality assurance is guaranteed at the highest level.

The Building Information Cloud’s digital software solution streamlines your construction planning processes and makes a significant contribution to minimizing risk and ensuring the quality of your construction projects. By identifying planning errors at an early stage, potential risk factors such as technical challenges, incomplete planning documents or communication problems and a lack of coordination between different project participants can be eliminated in a target-oriented way. Comprehensive evaluation and reporting show you planning errors and missing information, preventing you from facing cost-intensive rework. 

The automated and structured checks of your construction project documents on the Building Information Cloud not only ensure a detailed overview of all relevant documents and information, but also simplify communication and collaboration with all project participants. The ability to track the progress of the construction project in real time enables early identification of discrepancies or planning errors, which significantly increases planning reliability and also prevents delays in the completion of your building project.

The integration of state-of-the-art technologies not only guarantees GDPR compliance, but also provides regular technical and content updates so that you are always working with the latest technology.

Your benefits with the building information cloud

Design offices

Automated quality control of planning results

Cost savings due to faster processes and less errors

Increased customer satisfaction

More capacity for complex tasks

Construction companies

Automated review of construction project documents

Identification of tender errors

Cost savings through faster inspection processes and reduced defects

More capacity for new construction projects

Clients & Owners

Simple control of planning results through automated quality checks

Accelerated completion of building permit documents

Detailed documentation of the construction project

Schedule and cost security​

Building permit authorities

Time savings through automated review of planning documents​

Counteracting the shortage of skilled workers through increased capacity for complex tasks

Guarantee of data security​

Detailed documentation​

Voices of our customers

"The hybrid testing of BIM models and text analysis offers us efficient quality assurance of our customers' projects."
Ingmar Gold - Business Unit Manager BIM-5D Building Information Management GLW GmbH
"Efficient testing processes at the beginning lead us to project success at the end. We BUILD on automation!"
Angela Püls -Innovation Manager dechant Hoch- und Ingenieurbau GmbH
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