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References & Project examples

We develop customer-specific solutions for all types of contrution projects from engineering to infrastructure construction

App-Solutions for construction site management

  • Independent time recording of the employees on the construction site
  • Intuitice ceation of daily construction reports
  • Automated evalution of the data in a dashboard

  • Support of the efficient billing of construction work based on time recording and the data from the daily construction reports

The way to your perfect building application

  • Optimized and efficient creation of your building application form
  • State-specific help to fill in your building application forms
  • Targeted information on the need for approcal-relevant systems

  • Automated HOAI check according to LPH 4 of your building application documents referred to state-specific description

Examination of the fire protection documents

  • Automated review of fire protection reports
  • Corresponding check of the documents for consistency with each other, e.g. information of the building material class and fire resistance class in the description of the building material class and fire resistance class in the bill of quantities for the information in the BIM model, in the planning and in the fire protection report
  • Consideration of fire protection relevant DIN standards as well as technical regulations


Examination of company-specific CAD-Guidelines

  • Automated verificaiton of confirmity between CAD-Guidelines and planning documents
  • Review of conventional planning and derived documents
  • e.g. compliance with the plan designation, contents of the plan header, file names, legends, etc.


Review of tender documents

  • Automated review of tender documents
  • Checking the conformity of the documents to each other
  • Automated verification of compliance with standards and guidelines, e.g. correct and consistent specification of the concrete strength classes in the tender documents according to DIN 1045
  • Review of client-specific guidelines for the tender documents, e.g. type and content of the systems as well as their naming and formatting


Review of documentation

  • Automated checking of client-specific guidelines regarding the documentation after acceptance of the building
  • E.g. checking the file names, the contractually defined and client-specific requirements


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